Zonian, a citizen of the US that was born or lived in the Panama Canal Zone.

In the search for our roots, I continue to come across people of interest who like myself, was born here in the Panama  Canal Zone.  I came across  an individual that appeared in a recent post and I looked her up to see what she does. 

Born in the American Canal Zone at the Isthmus of Panama, Karina grew up in an amazing paradise in her jungle home next to the Panama Canal, where her father was a sea captain, taking ships through the Panama Canal and her Norwegian mother the ever loving home maker. She began surfing at the age of two. Barefoot with fishing pole and machete in hand, adventure was her life, giving her the nick-name, “Mowgli”. Karina lived an outdoor life many would find hard to fathom as she spent most of her time in the jungle, exploring, surfing and fishing the undiscovered coasts of Panama and Canal Zone.

It seems that being born and growing up creates a wanderlust in us that makes us Roam!  With that I bring you a cool vid featuring Karina Petroni so click on the picture to see it.


Thomas H. Brymer II
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