Panama: Tender of 300 MW Being Prepared

After suspending two power supply contracts with Bocas del Toro Energía and Coal Power, Etesa has announced that before the end of the year it will hire other generators to supply the 300 MW.

The contract with Bocas del Toro Energía, which included the Brazilian company Odebrecht, was canceled by mutual agreement, after the revelation of the corruption scandals in which the Brazilian company was involved. This energy supply contract was for 150 MW and the project had not yet started development.

The case of Coal Power is similar, as the company’s provisional license to build a 200 MW thermal plant was suspended by the ASEP in February. reports that “…According to the contracting program, Coal Power’s plant was due to start generating power from 2018, but its construction was delayed because of the company’s requests for extensions.”

“…  Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica (Etesa), which has been in charge of organizing tenders for energy purchases since 2009, reported that before the end of 2017, 300 MW will be contracted to other generators that have energy available.”

Thomas H. Brymer II
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