Gas Prices in Central America

One of the reasons that I bought a diesel SUV was the fact that engines last much longer and my inter-cooled turbo charged 4 cylinder diesel gets excellent mileage. The other reason is that diesel prices are much lower than gas prices here in Panama.

Price per gallon of Super gasoline, highest to lowest: $5.76 Costa Rica, Nicaragua $5.06, $4.87 Honduras, El Salvador $4.55, Panama $4.39, Guatemala $4.31. A report has been released on the average consumer prices for Gasoline and Diesel in Central America, effective from the week 14 to April 20, 2013, based on official prices and monitoring or surveys carried out by various DGs of Hydrocarbons or equivalent in the capital of each Central American country.

Countries: Regular Super Diesel LPG
COSTA RICA: 5.76 5.41 4.88 2.68
EL SALVADOR: 4.55 4.20 4.05
GUATEMALA: 4.31 4.12 3.73 2.70
HONDURAS: 4.87 4.50 4.10 2.18
NICARAGUA: 5.06 4.73 4.31 **
PANAMA: 4.39 4.06 3.82 2.90
Region Average: 4.82 4.50 4.15 2.62

Note: The prices for El Salvador and Guatemala, correspond to self service in the capital. In Panama the price corresponds to the maximum sales price in gas stations in the city of Panama, established by the National Secretariat of Energy, by Resolution No. 1383 of April 3, 2013.

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